Monday, March 16, 2015

Calendar Update!

Thursday, March 19
[Event] Courthouse Field Trips

Friday, March 20
[SCI LC] Checkpoint 8 pts due
 [SCI LC] Parent signature for 2 pts {C10}
 [SCI LC] Word Wall due {C7}

Monday, March 23
[Reading] Literary Terms Packet Due
 [SCI LC] Word Wall Quiz open to all {C7}

Tuesday, March 24
 [SCI LC] Quiz- Atomic Structure in class {A4}
 [Social Studies] STUDY for Judicial Branch Test

Wednesday, March 25
 [SCI LC] Week One Question due {B13}
 [Social Studies] STUDY for Judicial Branch TEST

Thursday, March 26
 [SCI LC] Checkpoint 38 pts
 [SCI LC] Quiz: Radioactivity & Nuclear Reactions {A5}
 [SCI LC] Strange Symbols Poster due {B6}
 [SCI LC] Vocab TV due {C8}

Friday, March 27
 No School for Students - Schools closed due to previously scheduled parent conferences
 No School for Teachers

Monday, March 30
 School closed (inclement weather forgiveness)

Tuesday, March 31 - Friday, April 3
 Spring Vacation - No School

Monday, April 6
 [SCI LC] Flashcard quiz {C6}
 School in Session (Inclement weather make up day)

Tuesday, April 7
 [SCI LC] Atomic Scientist Presentation due {B10}
 School in session

Wednesday, April 8
 [SCI LC] A-2 Periodic Table Presentation due
 [SCI LC] Critical Thinking Question Week 2 due {B14}

Friday, April 10
 [SCI LC] Checkpoint 48 points
 [SCI LC] Quiz: Elements & their properties {A6}

Monday, April 13 - Thursday, April 16

Friday, April 17
 [SCI LC] Critical Thinking Question Week 3 due {B15}
 [SCI LC] Last day to turn in LC - all assignments due
 [SCI LC] Unit Test (ALL STUDENTS) {A7}

Tuesday, April 21 - Thursday, April 23

Monday, April 27 & Tuesday, April 28