Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween! 
 Saturday, October 31, 2015 

Reading Class - Theme Analysis Workshop

Ask your students to show you their Theme Analysis Organizer on Google Classroom.  See how students are making great gains in their literary analysis and essay writing skills.  This past week students worked hard in their reading class's Theme Analysis Workshop.  Throughout the workshop, students developed top-notch thesis statements, found best evidence within the text, practiced using MLA parenthetical documentation, and developed analysis to support their claims.  While building their essay-writing skills, they also developed the ability to find a text's implied meanings. 

First nine-weeks grading period ended October 27, 2015

First nine-weeks grading period ended
October 27, 2015
Learn more about the grading periods
from the AMS Parent Academy

Report Cards to be published to Edline November 3

Students Exploring Energy in Science

Students will be learning about energy through the next learning unit. Resources for the lessons, homework, and practice can be found on the science webpage.

Students will have nightly tasks during the unit. Students may work ahead by looking at the contents of this page. 
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First Edition of the Newspaper

The AMS newspaper club printed the first edition of The Herd. Check it out online: