Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

In the News...

Check out the articles in The Herd written by 8th grade students!

  • A Veterans Day Experience by Andy Chrvala
  • Mix-it Up at Lunch by Ethan Woodfill

Congratulations to the 8th Grade Student of the Month

The 8th grade team would like to congratulate Lily Jensen for being selected as the student of the month!

Read more about the students of the month on The Herd website. 

Electric Usage Audit ends Tuesday

Electric usage audit

Quick links to the electric usage audit project
Electric usage audit checkpoints

Declaring Our Independence

Students confidently “declared their independence” in reading class this past week! Because The Declaration of Independence was meant to be read aloud, eighth graders were assigned a short passage from the Declaration to practice reading out loud with proper phrasing, pronunciation, emphasis and tone for our whole class ceremonial reading.  Students were given the option to memorize their passages for extra credit.

Over the last two weeks, students worked hard translating The Declaration into modern day English, analyzing the impact of specific words on the text’s meaning and tone and formally presenting their analyses to the class.   As “experts” of the text, students completed an impressive ceremonial reading of this important document! Many students memorized their assigned passages, and we even had a few brave souls wear colonial attire for the event.

Events and Dates

Friday, November 22
Thanksgiving [Science] Electric Audit Portfolio Part 3 checkpoint 

Monday, November 25
  [Social Studies] Revolutionary Town Hall

Tuesday, November 26
 [Reading] AR Midterm Progress Check
 [Reading] Book Club #2 Meeting
 [Science] Electric Audit 
 [English] Theme Essay by the end of the class
 [Math] Study Island to be completed by the end of the day

Wednesday, November 27
  No School - Teacher In-service ACT 80

Thursday, November 28 & Friday, November 29
 No School - Thanksgiving break

Monday, December 2
 School back in session

Tuesday, December 17
 [Event] Nicki's Family Movie (Field Trip)

Monday, December 23 through Wednesday, January 1, 2014
 No School - Winter Vacation

Thursday, January 2, 2014
  School back in session

The 8th grade homework calendar is available on our Edline page. 

AMS website posts Holiday perfomances schedule

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Important dates...

11/19 sci. quiz on circuits

11/26 math study island scientific notation & sci. electric audit turn in