Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Little Greener

Today one hundred 8th grade students participated in a project called "Green Up Avonworth." Students planted seedlings as well as cared for saplings that were planted by previous 8th grade classes. A community service project, the event provided a terrific opportunity for the kids to extend learning about environmentalism from the classroom to their own school community.   Students will read selections from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and research Pittsburgh’s “green efforts” in reading class. The tree-planting event allowed our students to build habitats and start their own “green” initiative at school.     

Students caring for saplings on school grounds near the baseball field.Through the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s “Seedlings for Habitats” program, students planted a variety of trees along the walkway that leads to the Cobblestone development. 

Reminder! American Legion Resumes due Monday!

Reminder! American Legion Resumes due Monday!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Green Up Tomorrow

Weather permitting, our Green Up tree-planting day is tomorrow, 5/1. Students should wear appropriate clothing for working outside.

Missing Calculators!

Help!  Have you noticed a TI-83 graphing calculator with a “117” carved into the back? Mrs. Costantino-Poruben is missing a few graphing calculators from the math classroom!  If you accidentally brought one home, please send it back or drop it off to the office.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

Events and dates

Thursday, May 1
 » 8:00pm [events] Strip District lunch choices (to be completed)
 [Reading] AR midterm progress check
 [Social Studies] Fort Design DUE tomorrow
 [event] Green Up Avonworth
 Periods C & D

Friday, May 2
 [Reading] AR Due date Wed, 5/28
 [science] J3 Pittsburgh Bridges Scavenger Hunt due Fri
 [science] J4 BCR - Pittsburgh Bridges due Friday

[Social Studies] Fort Design due
 [Algebra] Open Ended 7 & 8 Due
 [science] no homework this weekend
 [Social Studies] American Legion Resume DUE on Monday
 [Social Studies] Fort Design DUE
 [Event] Chinese language students field trip

Monday, May 5
 [Algebra] Study Island Keystone Review (12 assignments) due
 [Social Studies] American Legion Resumes DUE
Tuesday, May 6
 [Social Studies] Prepare for Pittsburgh History Test
Wednesday, May 7
 [Social Studies] Pittsburgh History TEST for Periods F and G
 2-HOUR Delay Teacher In-service
 Periods F & G - modified 2-hr delay
Thursday, May 8
 [Algebra] Open Ended 9 & 10 Due
 [Social Studies] Pittsburgh History TEST for Period A, C and D
 [event] Bridge Engineers Visit
 Periods A, C, and D
Friday, May 9
 [Event] History Center Field Trip & Strip District Tour
 No classes
Saturday, May 10
 [event] ASD School Picnic Kennywood Park

Tuesday, May 13
 [Pre-Algebra] Banker Visit
Thursday, May 15
 [event] BAAHA presentations
Friday, May 16
 [Algebra] Open Ended 11 & 12 Due
10:30am [event] videoconference Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame

Tuesday, May 20
 [Reading] AR Due date Wed, 5/28
 [event] Kennywood Field Trip
Wednesday, May 21
8:20am [KEYSTONE EXAM GRADE 8] Algebra Students
Thursday, May 22
8:20am [KEYSTONE EXAM GRADE 8] Algebra Students
Friday, May 23
 [event] MS Olympics
Monday, May 26
 No School - Memorial Day Holiday
Wednesday, May 28
 [Reading] AR Due Date
Thursday, May 29
 [Social Studies] Fort Extra Credit DUE
 [event] Bridge Exposition and Testing
 [event] Bump Up Night
Friday, June 6
 Last day of school for students!

Green Up Avonworth to be held Thursday

Weather permitting, our Green Up Avonworth tree-planting day is Thursday, May 1.  Students should wear appropriate clothing for working in the dirt on this day.

This week...

This week... 
Tue: sci-webquest & BCR also PSSA Test
 Thu: Reading-AR progress check & Greening Up 
Fri: civics-Fort Design & Algebra-OE 7 & 8

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Science PSSA testing

Tomorrow & Tuesday:
Science PSSA testing  

Remember to bring your AR book to the testing room.

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