Monday, April 28, 2014

Events and dates

Thursday, May 1
 » 8:00pm [events] Strip District lunch choices (to be completed)
 [Reading] AR midterm progress check
 [Social Studies] Fort Design DUE tomorrow
 [event] Green Up Avonworth
 Periods C & D

Friday, May 2
 [Reading] AR Due date Wed, 5/28
 [science] J3 Pittsburgh Bridges Scavenger Hunt due Fri
 [science] J4 BCR - Pittsburgh Bridges due Friday

[Social Studies] Fort Design due
 [Algebra] Open Ended 7 & 8 Due
 [science] no homework this weekend
 [Social Studies] American Legion Resume DUE on Monday
 [Social Studies] Fort Design DUE
 [Event] Chinese language students field trip

Monday, May 5
 [Algebra] Study Island Keystone Review (12 assignments) due
 [Social Studies] American Legion Resumes DUE
Tuesday, May 6
 [Social Studies] Prepare for Pittsburgh History Test
Wednesday, May 7
 [Social Studies] Pittsburgh History TEST for Periods F and G
 2-HOUR Delay Teacher In-service
 Periods F & G - modified 2-hr delay
Thursday, May 8
 [Algebra] Open Ended 9 & 10 Due
 [Social Studies] Pittsburgh History TEST for Period A, C and D
 [event] Bridge Engineers Visit
 Periods A, C, and D
Friday, May 9
 [Event] History Center Field Trip & Strip District Tour
 No classes
Saturday, May 10
 [event] ASD School Picnic Kennywood Park

Tuesday, May 13
 [Pre-Algebra] Banker Visit
Thursday, May 15
 [event] BAAHA presentations
Friday, May 16
 [Algebra] Open Ended 11 & 12 Due
10:30am [event] videoconference Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame

Tuesday, May 20
 [Reading] AR Due date Wed, 5/28
 [event] Kennywood Field Trip
Wednesday, May 21
8:20am [KEYSTONE EXAM GRADE 8] Algebra Students
Thursday, May 22
8:20am [KEYSTONE EXAM GRADE 8] Algebra Students
Friday, May 23
 [event] MS Olympics
Monday, May 26
 No School - Memorial Day Holiday
Wednesday, May 28
 [Reading] AR Due Date
Thursday, May 29
 [Social Studies] Fort Extra Credit DUE
 [event] Bridge Exposition and Testing
 [event] Bump Up Night
Friday, June 6
 Last day of school for students!