Thursday, November 12, 2015

No School Friday, 11/13/15

No School for students & staff
Friday, 11/13/15
due to previously held
parent-teachers conferences

Read more here about Grade 8 Parent-teacher conferences.  

Changes to Daily Text Messages to Start Soon!

Starting November 30, 2015, the eighth grade team will transition from daily text messages to a weekly preview to be sent on Monday afternoon. Only big projects and assessments will receive a special update text during the week.

Students are encouraged to use their assignment book each class period to record homework. Also, the Grade 8 Team Google Calendar found on the 8th grade page will be a resource for students to use. The calendar can be found here:

Every student can access the Google Calendar through their log-in. By going to the webpage, students can enter their school Google Account information. 

8th Grade Students to take PSSA Tests

Students in Grade 8 will take PSSA tests in April and Keystone Algebra Exams May. The 8th Grade Team will post more information to the AMS 8 Blog in early 2016.

Below are the testing windows published by the PA Dept of Education. During these time periods, students will be completing each of the required 8th grade PSSA subject tests.  


Avoid scheduling doctor appointments, vacations or other out-of-school activities during testing times. Participation in PSSA/Keystone exams is a state requirement.

Making up tests pulls students from their regular classes. As a result, they will miss valuable class time. It will be students' responsibility to make up any classwork you miss.

Of course, if students are genuinely ill, please stay at home and take the necessary time off to get well. Students will perform better on a test if they are healthy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Plastic Materials Needed

We need clean plastic recyclables! Students are learning about energy in science, and they will need materials for their model waterwheels.  

- 2-liter pop bottles 
- whipped topping containers
- coffee canisters
- plastic cups

Plastic recyclables make great building materials! We will recycle the waterwheels after the project ends. 

Read more about the waterwheel project online.  

A waterwheel constructed using plastic recyclables.

Veterans Day - 11/11/15

Let us remember all the sacrifices made by the men and women of our armed forces so that we could have a safer life.