Friday, October 4, 2013

Science test

The unit test for unit B will be on Tuesday, 10/8/13. The items on the unit test include very general concepts that students should've learned in math and science class during the course of the unit. Use the following page to study for the unit test.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flu vaccine for students

The flu vaccine for students has arrived.  If students would like to receive the flu vaccine at school, please download the consent form on Edline, and return it to the nurse. There are shots and the mist applications, and it is worth it to prevent the flu! 

Remember to wash your hands as frequently as you can, and do not touch your eyes or nose at school to prevent colds and flu.

Read more from Edline.

Color Guard Clinics

The Avonworth Color Guard is a fantastic fall activity that blends music and movement and gives students a chance to perform in front of a variety of audiences.  Any students who are interested in participating in color guard next year are welcome to join current students for Tuesday clinics from 5 – 6 PM.  During these clinics, we will work on developing skills that are used during performances (primarily flag work with some dance as well).   

Please see Mrs. Hickman for more details.

Magazine Sale

The annual student council magazine sale is set to kick off on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 9.  If you are a current subscriber or are interested in getting any new titles please consider purchasing your magazines through our fundraiser.  All proceeds to go AMS Student Council and allow us to provide programming throughout the year, support classroom activities and organize social and charitable activities.  Please ask your students for their packet when they bring it home next week so that they can get you signed up to enjoy a subscription through our fundraiser!

Advertising Project

 English 8 is looking forward to hosting Ms. Kristen Dillon, formerly of Brunner Advertising, on Monday, October 7.  She will share information about the advertising business with students and will talk to individual groups about their advertising projects (which will be presented to the class on Thursday, October 10).  We are excited to host our first guest of the school year and thank her for taking the time to come and share her expertise with us!

Newton's Laws Unit coming to an end

The science and math unit exploring Newton's Laws of Motion is coming to an end. Students are completing an investigation into falling objects. Also, there are two final assessments for students. There is a science quiz tomorrow, Friday, 10/4/13 and a unit test on Tuesday, 10/8/13. Students can review content and study for the quiz using the science quiz review webpage.

Above: What makes balancing a bike easier when it's in motion? Gyroscopic effect! Learning Newton's Laws of Motion... Below: students are investigating falling objects (free fall) and the impact increased mass has on those objects.

Events and Dates

Friday, October 4
 [English] Spell quiz
 [Science] Newton's Laws of Motion Quiz

Monday, October 7
 [Social Studies] Newspaper project due

Tuesday, October 8
[Science] Unit Test B
[Reading] Outsiders 10-12

Thursday, October 10
 [Event] Grade 8 Advisory
 [Event] Electronic Field Trip
 [English] Ad Presentations

Monday, October 14
  No School - Teacher In-service ACT 80

Tuesday, October 22
 [Reading] AR Due

Wednesday, October 23
 2-Hour Delay - Teacher In-service

The 8th grade calendar is available on Edline.