Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reminder: Student BYOT Device Policy

BYOT DEVICE POLICY  Devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) and headphones should not be visible during class. They should be in a pocket, pencil case, purse, or locker unless instructed by your teacher for their use in class.

Students are reminded to follow the BYOT policy during school. Students should not have on their headphones/earbuds while walking in the hallways. Devices may only be used when a teacher allows the use of the device.

AR Midterm Progress Check

AR Midterm Progress Check is Wednesday, February 3. 

Parents can check their students' AR goals and reading progress by clicking on the Home Connect button below. 
Use your child's AR login information. 

Spring Sports Sign-Ups

Spring sports sign-ups are now available in the office for:  boys baseball, girls softball, and boys & girls swimming.  A sports physical is required to play.  Physical forms are available in the office or on Edline.

AMS 8 Receives a STEM Mini-Grant!

AMS 8th grade students and teachers are grateful for the financial support from Bentley Systems, Inc through a $250 grant supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives in schools. The funds will be used to purchase supplies for the Building Bridges to STEM Careers activities during the month of May. This will be the fourth year mini-grants will be used to reduce the cost of building the bridges.

Students designing their bridge for the STEM project in the 8th grade during the 2013-2014 school year. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Unit on Matter starts with Plankton Race

A new unit has started in science class with The Great Plankton Race as our opening activity. Competition brackets, pictures and information can be found on the science class website

Last year's elimination bracket during The Great Plankton Race.
The new unit is on the  properties of matter and begins our study of chemistry. This unit is also exploring the "gamification" of the science classroom. Students will have opportunities for enrichment or review as needed. Students can earn digital badges for completing certain activities. Read more on the science website.  Students are always encouraged to check the classroom timeline when they are absent to review missed science class content.  

Game Downloads: