Saturday, August 22, 2015


Below is the email sent to parents and guardians through the Edline messaging system.

Dear parent/guardian,


On behalf of the 8th grade team, I want to welcome you to another great year at Avonworth Middle School! For our students and your son/daughter, this is an important year. It is our goal to help prepare our students for the challenges and demands of high school. Hopefully, your son/daughter will find the eighth grade to be an exciting time, as well as a time for growth and new experiences.

We understand that the start of the new school year can be hectic. Please use the resources below to help you and your family prepare for the first day of school. The 8th grade team and I are excited to meet your son/daughter on Tuesday! Happy New School Year!


Doug Haskins
science teacher/AMS 8 team technology & communications

·         Supplies (as found on Edline)
·         Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - First Day of School
·         Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 6:30 PM - AMS 8 Curriculum Night

Contact Us
Mrs. Abate, learning support teacher,
Miss Raitano, English teacher,
Mrs. Galecki, reading teacher,
Ms. Costantiono-Poruben, mathematics teacher,
Mr. Haskins, science teacher,
Mr. Smith, social studies teacher,

Staying In-Touch (Three helpful AMS 8 communication tools)

·         Remind (formerly Remind 101) - AMS Grade 8 text messages
A nightly reminder of homework and important information for students and parents. This is a free service provided to teachers and schools. You can choose a text message or an email from this service provider. Click here to enroll!
·         Google Calendar - AMS Grade 8 Homework & Event Calendar
The 8th grade calendar with homework reminders and other information can be seen on Edline under middle school teaching teams. You may choose to add this calendar to your Google Account, a mobile device, or another digital calendar such as Outlook. Learn more about using the calendar from the AMS Parent Academy (Information).
·         Stay Connected - AMS Grade 8 Blog & Weekly Newsletter
To help parents and guardians stay informed, we have provided a blog to help families know about the projects, events, and activities happening at school! You can see the blog on our site or you can enroll in our weekly newsletter by submitting your email address. The newsletter will be sent after school each Thursday starting the first week of September.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stay Connected. blog and weekly email

Stay Connected. is a communication tool used by the 8th grade team to send parents, students, and interested community members information about our classes. The posts are updated and submitted every Thursday starting 9/10/15. If you subscribe by email, you will receive the newsletter in your inbox!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Students can access AMS 8 homework & event calendar through the Google Calendar App

Earlier today, AMS 8 Student Google Accounts were connected to the grade-level calendar. Students can see the nigthly homework and other information posted to the calendar by going to the Google Calendar App, Students can also get the information automatically downloaded to their device. Click here to read more about getting the Google Calendar on your tablet or other mobile device.

Learn more about Google for Education  at Avonworth through the Parent Academy (Information).