Thursday, April 16, 2015

High School Guidance Counselor to Visit AMS 8 tomorrow

Mr. Como, high school guidance counselor, will spend a day in the 8th grade tomorrow to continue the transition to high school discussion. He will present topics that will include credits required for graduation, elective courses, and the overall scheduling process. 


April  20  -22   - Math (Mon., Tues., & Wed.)
April  27 & 28  - Science (8th grade) (Mon., & Tues.)
Testing regulations prohibit the use of all electronic devices, including Kindles, Nooks, iPads or other electronic readers during testing times. If you are currently reading a book on an electronic reader, please make the necessary arrangements to find your novel at the library in the old fashioned book form. All cell phones, pagers, portable listening or recording devices, or any device with photographic capability must remain at home or in your locker.

The school will not assume any responsibility for electronics stored in lockers, so it best for students to leave them at home. 

Calculators Needed for Math PSSA

Students will be responsible for bringing their own calculator to the testing sessions.  Available calculators are limited!  Please speak to your student about what they will use during our 3 days of math testing.  Students are not permitted to use the calculator feature of their phones. Calculators will be collected by PSSA proctors for their use on April 20-22.  

World War II AR Book

Be sure you are reading your WWII AR book. You must complete the AR Quiz and submit 10 historical facts no later than 4/23.

Layered Curriculum Ends Friday

The science layered curriculum ends tomorrow,  4/17/15! The score students earn on the layered curriculum will be out of 100 points. 

 Assignments Click on a level below to explore the different assignments.

LEVEL C - Basic Knowledge - MAX 25 points
LEVEL B - Advanced Practice 
- MAX 35 points
LEVEL A - Assessment - MAX 40 points (all students must take the unit test!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pancake Breakfast

Parent Network will be sponsoring a Pancake Breakfast that includes great toppings and a drink for $3 on Friday, April 24.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Changes to the PSSA Schedule

Please note the following changes to the PSSA schedule for Next Week

TomorrowWed.  4/15/15 8th grade will NOT attend their period B specials. (This is the longest test day. The current routine would not allow enough time to finish before lunch.)  

Next week:
Because of "Take Your Child to Work Day" scheduled for Thurs., 4/23, AMS is shifting next week's testing to be Mon., 4/20, Tues. 4/21, and Wed, 4/22. 

Musical Assembly: The musical assembly will take place next Mon. 4/20/15 during Period I. 

Pancake Breakfast: We have rescheduled the pancake breakfast for Friday, 4/24/15

Warmer Weather Prompts Dress Code Reminder

As the weather gets warmer, students need to be mindful of the school dress code. Click here to read more.

Bump-Up Night Scheduled

Bump Up Night 
for Avonworth High School 
Thursday, May 28, 2015 

Schools to Watch Celebration

Congratulations to AMS! Re-designated, again, as a school to watch! Read more from the school's website. Celebration to be May 9.

Monday, April 13, 2015

AMS Grade 8 PSSA Schedule

Click here if you have trouble viewing the PSSA Schedule.

Calendar Updates

Thursday, April 16
 [EVENT] Advisory
 Periods F-G only

Friday, April 17
[SCI LC] Last day to turn in LC - all assignments due
[SCI LC] Unit Test (ALL STUDENTS) {A7}
[Event] High School Guidance Visits AMS 8 for Freshman Scheduling
[Normal Schedule]

Monday, April 20
 Period A-C-D only
 2:20pm Musical Assembly

Tuesday, April 21
 [Event] Video Conference
 Period F & G only

Wednesday, April 22
 [Event] Video Conference
 Periods A-C-D only

Thursday, April 23
 [Reading] Read your WW II AR book. AR Quiz and 10 historical facts no later than 4/23.
 [Normal Schedule]

Friday, April 24
 [Event] Pancake Breakfast
 [Normal Schedule]

Monday, April 27
 Period A-F-G only

Tuesday, April 28
 [Event] Advisory
 Periods C & D

Wednesday, April 29
 [Normal Schedule]
 [Event] Advisory

Thursday, April 30
 [Normal Schedule]

Friday, May 1
 [Normal Schedule]

Wednesday, May 6
 2 Hr Delay Teacher In-Service
12:00pm [Event] Engineers Visit AMS 8

Friday, May 8
 [Event] Heinz History Center
 [Event] Schools to Watch celebration
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten at school

Saturday, May 9
 [Event] Kennywood School Picnic

Tuesday, May 12
 [Event] Nicky's Family Field Trip & Strip District Tour
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten in the Strip District

Tuesday, May 19
 [Event] Kennywood Field Trip
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten at Kennywood Park

Wednesday, May 20

Thursday, May 21

Monday, May 25
 No School - Memorial Day

Thursday, May 28
6:00pm [Event] Bump-up Night

Friday, May 29
9:45am [EVENT] Bridge Expo / Engineers Visit

Friday, June 5

Last Day of School

Sunday, April 12, 2015

PSSA 8th Grade Morning Transitions

8th Grade PSSA Transitions to Morning Classes

  • No locker visits until after testing. Get your AR book and whatever else what you may need from your lockers before homeroom.

  • Remember, take your AR book to your first period class.

  • If  you have your phone today, please turn it off and leave it in your locker.

  • Sixth and seventh grade will be testing when we transition from period A to period B.

  • We will walk silently in the hallways from our period A to B specials.

Special Class
Where you will quietly report.
Phys Ed
Comp Tech
Report to library entrance.

Mrs. Galecki and Mr. Haskins will escort you.

Tech Ed

Report to end of eighth grade hallway. In front of Foods and Art.

Mrs. Crothers and Mr. Smith will escort you.

Computers/Mr. Shirey

Report to library classroom as you normally do.

Transition from B to Testing
  • Specials teachers will escort you through the high school hallways to the middle school cafeteria.  

  • Middle school teachers will meet you in the cafeteria.  You will have time to use the restrooms and then your teachers will escort you to your testing rooms for a snack! Because sixth and seventh grade is testing, we must be silent as we travel.