Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reading Final Exam

The Beowulf Final Exam will be tomorrow, Friday, May 31st.  The 40 question final will be worth 40 points.  Students can use their study guide and book during the test.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bridge Expo and Testing Day

8th grade students tested their bridges today, 5/29/13, after building the structures for six class periods. Twenty-six bridges were tested by adding weight to the span until it collapsed. The winner, yet to be determined, is the strongest bridge but didn’t cost too much money. We will be creating graphs, analyzing ratios of bridge cost to live load weight, and attempting to conclude which bridge was the winner of the competition. A special thanks to our guest experts, bridge engineers and architects from the Pittsburgh Region. Representatives from Michael Baker Corporation, HDR, Inc. and Penn Dot District 11 used their insight and expertise helped to enrich this learning activity.

Bridge designs can be seen on the classroom website. Also, messages about the test day have been posted to twitter under the #lab110 hash tag. 

Special guest during financial literacy unit

A special thanks to Mr. Leo Grandovic from Northwest Savings Bank in Sewickley.  He visited Ms. Costantino's pre-algebra classes on Tuesday, May 28th to discuss the banking industry, investing, and budgeting.  This speaker helped us wrap up our financial literacy unit in math!

End of the School Year Information

Book Return
Be sure you return your textbooks to your teachers before the end of the school year. Due dates are listed below:

English ...................June 4
Mathematics ...........June 4
Reading ..................June 4  (Beowulf novel)
Science ...................June 3
Social Studies ........ June 5


Graduation .............June 5
Civics Final............June 5

Last Day ................June 7

Computer / Technology

 Files in the students' Drop Boxes will be purged this summer. 


Cross Country Team Meeting

8th Grade students who are interested in joining the Cross Country Team should attend an informational meeting on Wednesday, June 5 at 2:30 in Mr. Smith’s classroom.  At this meeting, students will receive their summer conditioning schedule and learn about important running safety tips.  If a student cannot attend this meeting but still would like to be on the team, please get the necessary information from Mr. Smith before the end of school.