Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keystone Exams

Mark your calendars:  The 8th graders who are enrolled in Integrated Math I (Algebra), will take the Keystone Exam on May 21st and 22nd during periods A-C.  Each of the 2 modules have 23 multiple choice questions and 4 constructive response questions.  Students may use a graphing or scientific calculators on this test.  To review for this test, please encourage your students to continue working on the Keystone Challenge for all IM 1 students.  There are 24 areas of review available on Study Island.  Students are required to complete at least 12 areas by May 5th. For students who need extra assistance, Ms. Costantino and high school tutors are available to help. For more information on the keystone exams, please go to or email Ms. Costantino.

AMS Volunteer Symposium Website

The website for the Volunteer Symposium is now available: 

Twitter: #AMSVolunteers

If you are attending the symposium, please feel free to bring a nonperishable food item to donate to the Food Bank!  Donations will be collected at the symposium!


Events and dates

Thursday, April 10
 [Social Studies] Write a Bill packet and final copy of bill DUE tomorrow
 [event] High School Counselor Visit - Mr. Smith's Classes
 { normal schedule }
Friday, April 11
 [Reading] Read your WWII Fiction Book. Take AR quiz on 4/11
 [science] QUIZ: Chapter 21 today
 [Algebra] Open Ended 2 & 3 Due
 [Social Studies] Write a Bill Packet and final copy of bill DUE today
 { normal schedule }
Tuesday, April 15
 [Pre-Algebra] Statistics and Probability Unit Project Poster Due
Thursday, April 17
 [Algebra] Open Ended 4 Due
9:50am Videoconference Pro Football Hall of Fame
11:59am Senator Visit, Honorable Matt Smith
Friday, April 18
 No School - Spring Vacation
Monday, April 21
 School back in session
Tuesday, April 22
 [event] Inventionland Field Trip (GATE)
Thursday, April 24
 [Event] Middle School Art Show
 [Event] National Pay It Forward Day
Friday, April 25
 [Algebra] Open Ended 5 & 6 Due
11:59am Pay It Forward - Volunteer Symposium
Monday, April 28
9:53am  [PSSA GRADE 8] Science PSSA
Tuesday, April 29
 [event] Greening Up Avonworth
9:53am [PSSA GRADE 8] Science PSSA
Thursday, May 1
 [Reading] AR midterm progress check
Friday, May 2
 [science] Bridge design activities through 5/8/14
 [Algebra] Open Ended 7 & 8 Due
 Chinese language students field trip
Monday, May 5
 [science] Bridge design activities through 5/8/14
 [Algebra] Study Island Keystone Review (12 assignments) due
Tuesday, May 6
 [science] Bridge design activities through 5/8/14
Wednesday, May 7
 [science] Bridge design activities through 5/8/14
 2-HOUR Delay Teacher In-service

Thursday, May 8
 [science] Bridge design activities through 5/8/14
 [Algebra] Open Ended 9 & 10 Due
 [event] Bridge Engineers Visit
Friday, May 9
 [Event] History Center Field Trip & Strip District Tour
Saturday, May 10
 [event] ASD School Picnic Kennywood Park
Thursday, May 15
 [event] BAAHA presentations
Friday, May 16
 [Algebra] Open Ended 11 & 12 Due
10:30am [event] videoconference Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame
Tuesday, May 20
 Kennywood Field Trip
Wednesday, May 21
8:20am [KEYSTONE EXAM GRADE 8] Algebra Students
Thursday, May 22
 [KEYSTONE EXAM GRADE 8] Algebra Students
Friday, May 23
 [event] MS Olympics
Monday, May 26
 No School - Memorial Day Holiday
Wednesday, May 28
 [Reading] AR Due Date
Thursday, May 29
 [event] Bridge Exposition and Testing
Friday, June 6
 Last day of school for students!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This week...

PSSA Testing Continues...

Monday, 4/7 - Writing PSSA

Tuesday, 4/8 - Rally Schedule - Musical Assembly

Wednesday, 4/9 normal schedule

Thursday, 4/10 normal schedule, high school counselors visit Grade 8

Friday, 4/11 normal schedule

Read more about PSSA testing in Grade 8.