Thursday, May 7, 2015

Student-led Conferences

We look forward to student-led conferences which will take place the weeks of May 18 and May 26. Your child’s adviser will contact you to set up an appointment.

Throughout the school year, eighth grade Avonworth students met with their Advisory Groups to examine and write about their school work as well as their individual academic strengths and challenges. As the year draws to an end, students are now analyzing their work and reflections to make conclusions about their academic growth in eighth grade and generate goals for high school.

Eighth graders will present their analysis and conclusions to you at their student-led conferences later this month. The meetings are a chance for students to facilitate a conference with their parents to explain who they are academically as well as share their educational goals for the following year. Together, the students, parents and advisers will discuss specific behaviors and strategies that will help the student move closer to reaching these goals. Students will also share with you examples of their eighth grade work from their portfolios.

Student-led conferences deliver a powerful message to our students about the importance of goal-setting and taking ownership of their learning as they mature and transition to high school.

Thank you for your time and attention to our student-led conferences. We are excited for this terrific opportunity to begin our students’ exciting transition to high school.

Friday & Tuesday Field Trips

Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center - Friday, May 8 
We will leave the middle school at 8:15 AM on May 8 to visit the History Center.  The entrance fee for students at the History Center is $6As part of the students visit to the Heinz History Center, they will tour the newly opened exhibit, "We Can Do It! WWII" which examines Western Pennsylvania's Impact on World War II.  Through a special partnership with the museum's Education department, in addition to touring the exhibit, students will participate in a small group Q&A with guest speakers who are experts on the topic of WWII.  These guests will include military veterans, teachers, factory workers, and other first-hand witnesses to the events of World War II.

Nicky’s Family – JFilms Presentation and Strip District - Tuesday, May 12 
The 8th grade will also visit the South Side Works Cinema to see the documentary Nicky’s Family, a true story about a British man who helped organize the rescue of almost 700 Jewish children out of Austria in the days leading up to World War II.  This powerful film tells the story of Sir Nicholas Winton, the children he rescued, and the generations that were impacted by his humble and heroic gesture.  This documentary connects with the World War II and Anne Frank unit studies in reading class. On the day of their field trip, students will depart Avonworth Middle School at 8:30 AM and return to school at approximately 2:30 PM.  After their visit to the cinema, students will separate into small groups led by one of the teachers to experience lunchtime in the historical Strip District.    Student will also complete a scavenger hunt.  Please remind your child to take money to school for their lunch purchases on May 12.

Bridge Experts Visit AMS 8

Yesterday, students in the 8th grade received expert advice on their bridge building projects from engineers who specialize in bridge construction, design, and inspection. Avonworth Middle School welcomed engineers from the Michael Baker Corporation, HDR, and PennDot District 11. Students are working on a project in science class that requires them to design a replacement bridge for the o​ne currently being constructed along Camp Horne Road in Emsworth. Students will build their structures out of plastic drinking straws, hot glue, and fishing line. Progress on the project can be viewed on our webpage,


​​Allen Peng, Penn Dot Dist. 11

Mr. Cerminera, Michael Baker Cor
Cassandra Lloyd, Penn Dot Dist. 11

Bob Huffmyer, HDR Inc.

Ethan Carrier, Penn Dot Dist. 11



Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Returning Library Materials

Mrs. Hickman is asking for all library books to be returned immediately. Any books that are lost or destroyed must be replaced or paid for by the end of the school year. Students have received overdue slips from their homeroom teachers and are aware of the books that they owe and their costs. If you or your student has any questions, please see Mrs. Hickman in the library. 

Thank you for your help in getting materials back to the library, and thanks to all of the students who checked out books this year - we are happy to have served you!

Monday, May 4, 2015

May & June Calendar Update

Thursday, May 7
 [AWARD] Resume for American Legion due May 7
 English HW: Finish Script Writing
 [Science] No homework
 [Social Studies] Ohio Twp 5k Project DUE

Friday, May 8
 [Science] No homework
 [Event] Heinz History Center
 [Event] Schools to Watch celebration
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten at school

Saturday, May 9
  [Event] Kennywood School Picnic

Tuesday, May 12
 [Event] Nicky's Family Field Trip & Strip District Tour
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten in the Strip District

Wednesday, May 13
 [Event] Holocaust Guest Speaker

Thursday, May 14
 [Event] BAAHA Presentation

Friday, May 15
 [Reading] Due  Anne Frank Act 1 Close Read and Packet

Tuesday, May 19
 [Science] Kennywood Assignment
 [Event] Kennywood Field Trip
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten at Kennywood Park

Wednesday, May 20
 [Science] Kennywood Assignment
 [MATH KEYSTONES] IM1 students

Thursday, May 21
 [Reading] Read your AR book tonight. AR due date: 5/26.
 [MATH KEYSTONES] IM1 students
 [Science] Bridge Build Day

Friday, May 22
 MS Olympics

Monday, May 25
 No School - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 26
 [Reading] Read your AR book tonight. AR due

Thursday, May 28
 [Event] Bump-up Night

Friday, May 29
 9:45am [SCIENCE] Bridge Exposition
 [EVENT] Bridge Expo / Engineers Visit

Monday, June 1
8:30am  AMS Awards Assembly

Wednesday, June 3
7:00pm  AMS Commencement

Friday, June 5
 Last Day of School