Monday, May 4, 2015

May & June Calendar Update

Thursday, May 7
 [AWARD] Resume for American Legion due May 7
 English HW: Finish Script Writing
 [Science] No homework
 [Social Studies] Ohio Twp 5k Project DUE

Friday, May 8
 [Science] No homework
 [Event] Heinz History Center
 [Event] Schools to Watch celebration
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten at school

Saturday, May 9
  [Event] Kennywood School Picnic

Tuesday, May 12
 [Event] Nicky's Family Field Trip & Strip District Tour
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten in the Strip District

Wednesday, May 13
 [Event] Holocaust Guest Speaker

Thursday, May 14
 [Event] BAAHA Presentation

Friday, May 15
 [Reading] Due  Anne Frank Act 1 Close Read and Packet

Tuesday, May 19
 [Science] Kennywood Assignment
 [Event] Kennywood Field Trip
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten at Kennywood Park

Wednesday, May 20
 [Science] Kennywood Assignment
 [MATH KEYSTONES] IM1 students

Thursday, May 21
 [Reading] Read your AR book tonight. AR due date: 5/26.
 [MATH KEYSTONES] IM1 students
 [Science] Bridge Build Day

Friday, May 22
 MS Olympics

Monday, May 25
 No School - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 26
 [Reading] Read your AR book tonight. AR due

Thursday, May 28
 [Event] Bump-up Night

Friday, May 29
 9:45am [SCIENCE] Bridge Exposition
 [EVENT] Bridge Expo / Engineers Visit

Monday, June 1
8:30am  AMS Awards Assembly

Wednesday, June 3
7:00pm  AMS Commencement

Friday, June 5
 Last Day of School