Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Students learn how to honor the flag

On Friday, September 12, 2014, Avonworth Middle School was visited by local veterans from the South Hills Veterans Honor Guard. The 8th grade team would like to express our gratitude to Brian Allen, US Marine, Vietnam Veteran, Bruno Fontenasi, US Navy, Vietnam Veteran, Paul Kubas, Army Air Corps , WWII Veteran, Shannon Crowley, US Air Force, Ret. Lt. Col., Joseph Cevarr, US Air Force, Vietnam-era, and John Normile, US Army, Vietnam-era. The students have been learning about USA Symbols in civics class.

Students learn how to ceremonially raise the flag each morning. To the Colors is usually played and the flag is hoisted quickly into place.   

Veterans explain how the flag is to be retired each evening. Typically, Retreat is played on the bugle and all military personnel salute. The flag is lowered slowly with dignity and ceremony. 

The students were taught how to fold the flag so that it may be presented to the next of kin at a funeral service. 

Following a rifle volley, the students were taught how to salute the flag while a bugler played the taps. 

The Black Box Conversation

Students experimenting with the Black Box in Lab 110.
Students in science have begun the conversation about the Black Box with two other schools. Eighth graders at Quaker Valley Middle School in Sewickley and Milford Grade School in Milford, Illinois have joined the students at Avonworth in discussing the results of experiments and possible solutions with the Black Box dilemma.

In science class, the students have collected data from the Black Box and have share their inferences and observations with the other laboratories using the blog located at http://amslab110.blogspot.com/. The students have been posting comments and sharing ideas across the different schools.

This is part of the skills unit where students are learning and practicing the work done by scientists. The graphic below explains that part of the work done by scientists which includes community analysis and feedback.  By sharing the results of the Black Box experiment, the students are experiencing the tasks scientists endure to propose and modify ideas due to collected data as well as feedback from the scientific community.

The Black Box project will end with the students proposing final solutions to the question, "What is inside the Black Box?"

The Week Ahead!

Tuesday, September 23
- Science Test
- AR Progress Check

Wednesday, September 24
- Study Island Inferences due

Monday, September 15, 2014

Materials needed for the science lab!

Parents and students are asked to bring to school their clean, plastic recyclables. We are looking for 2-liter bottles, plastic cups (such as those from fountain drinks), and containers (such as Cool-whip and butter). Students will be using these materials for several engineering projects this school year. We will accept these materials throughout the school year.

What's good for use in Lab 110:
  • Any plastic bottles
  • 2-liter bottles 
  • 20 oz or 1-liter bottles
  • Any plastic cups (recyclables - new not required)
  • Plastic containers
  • whipped topping
  • butter / margarine spread
  • peanut butter/ jelly
  • sugar
  • coffee
  • snacks
What's not good for lab 110:
We cannot use aluminum or steel cans or glass bottles. 

This week...

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This week: 

Tuesday: School Portrait Day
Wednesday: Pre-Algebra Quiz  & Algebra: Quiz
Thursday: Civics USA Symbols Test