Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PSSA Make Up Tests

PSSA Test Make Up Days

Thursday and Friday (April 23 & 24) will be PSSA ELA and Math Make Up tests.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Unit in Science Class

The following email was sent to students in science class today (4/21/15). 

Dear Students,

This week starts our final unit of the school year where we investigate bridge design and construction. You can find the assignments that must be completed on the science website ( 

Below are the links and due dates for the first several assignments of the new unit:

Bridge Design Webquest (link)
Complete the tasks as described on the science 8 website. This assignment requires you to use your science notebook. Due Friday, 4/24/15

/6 (weight 12 pts)
 Add to your notebook
BCR - Bridge Design (link)
After completing the webquest, submit a response to the prompt on the website.
Due Friday, 4/24/15
/4  (weight 10 pts)
Form Submit Online
Pittsburgh Bridges (link)
Found on Google Classroom
Conduct the internet-based scavenger hunt as described on the science 8 website.Due Wednesday, 4/29/15

/10 (weight  20 pts)
Upload to Google Classroom
After completing the scavenger hunt, submit a response to the prompt on the website.Due Wednesday, 4/29/15
/4 (weight 10 pts)
Form Submit Online

Be sure to check out the science website for more details. See you in class!


Mr. Haskins

Monday, April 20, 2015

Calendar Update

Thursday, April 23
 [PSSA] ELA Make ups
 [PSSA] Math Make Ups
 [Normal Schedule]

Friday, April 24
 [SCI] Bridge Design Webquest notebook & BCR due
 [PSSA] ELA Make ups
 [PSSA] Math Make Ups
 [Event] Pancake Breakfast
 [Normal Schedule]

Monday, April 27
 Period A-F-G only

Tuesday, April 28
  {TESTING} Science PSSA
 [Event] Advisory
 Periods C & D

Wednesday, April 29
 H3 Pittsburgh Brbidge Scavenger Hunt (Google Classroom) due Wed
 H4 BCR Pittsburgh Bridges (online form)
 [Event] Advisory

Thursday, April 30
 [Normal Schedule]

Friday, May 1
 [Normal Schedule]

Saturday, May 2
 [Normal Schedule]

Wednesday, May 6
 2 Hr Delay Teacher In-Service
12:00pm  [Event] Engineers Visit AMS 8

Friday, May 8
 [Event] Heinz History Center
 [Event] Schools to Watch celebration
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten at school

Saturday, May 9
 [Event] Kennywood School Picnic

Tuesday, May 12
 [Event] Nicky's Family Field Trip & Strip District Tour
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten in the Strip District

Wednesday, May 13
 [Event] Holocaust Guest Speaker

Thursday, May 14
 [Event] BAAHA Presentation

Tuesday, May 19
 [Event] Kennywood Field Trip
 [Lunch] Lunch to be eaten at Kennywood Park

Wednesday, May 20
 [MATH KEYSTONES] IM1 students

Thursday, May 21
 [MATH KEYSTONES] IM1 students

Friday, May 22
 AMS Olympics - Memorial Day

Monday, May 25
 No School - Memorial Day

Thursday, May 28
6:00pm  [Event] Bump-up Night

Friday, May 29
9:45am [EVENT] Bridge Expo / Engineers Visit

Monday, June 1
 MS Awards Assembly

Wednesday, June 3
 7:00 PM AMS Commencement

Friday, June 5
 Last Day of School