Sunday, April 12, 2015

PSSA 8th Grade Morning Transitions

8th Grade PSSA Transitions to Morning Classes

  • No locker visits until after testing. Get your AR book and whatever else what you may need from your lockers before homeroom.

  • Remember, take your AR book to your first period class.

  • If  you have your phone today, please turn it off and leave it in your locker.

  • Sixth and seventh grade will be testing when we transition from period A to period B.

  • We will walk silently in the hallways from our period A to B specials.

Special Class
Where you will quietly report.
Phys Ed
Comp Tech
Report to library entrance.

Mrs. Galecki and Mr. Haskins will escort you.

Tech Ed

Report to end of eighth grade hallway. In front of Foods and Art.

Mrs. Crothers and Mr. Smith will escort you.

Computers/Mr. Shirey

Report to library classroom as you normally do.

Transition from B to Testing
  • Specials teachers will escort you through the high school hallways to the middle school cafeteria.  

  • Middle school teachers will meet you in the cafeteria.  You will have time to use the restrooms and then your teachers will escort you to your testing rooms for a snack! Because sixth and seventh grade is testing, we must be silent as we travel.