Thursday, March 19, 2015

8th Graders Explore Game Design

On Thursday, March 12, 8th grade students met with Sabrina Culyba, a game designer at Schell Games. Schell Games is based in Station Square, and has focused on developing educational games for the last five years. Sabrina talked with the students about playtesting (or the process of playing a game to see if and how it works), how game-like thinking can benefit learning and other important gaming principles. The students showed her theirgames-in-progress, which are modified versions of Monopoly. The students' games integrate information they researched during their Pittsburgh Project, which is a research paper that they've just completed over the last six weeks. The students will take their information and apply it to the Monopoly board, pieces and rules, and will ultimately develop a working boardgame (including game pieces printed on the district's 3D printers) that they'll be able to share and play with each other.