Thursday, April 27, 2017

Strip District Field Trip - Choose a buddy and a restaurant

Strip District restaurant choices to be made starting 4/27/17! Ends 4/28/17!

Each student pair must sign up for a restaurant while attending the Strip District field trip. Please note that you are not guaranteed your first, second or third choices!  Also, you must choose a travel buddy before selecting your restaurant choices! Only pairs will be grouped together! 

Students will get their first choice unless there are more than 12 students (six pairs) requesting that restaurant. If more than 12 students (six pairs) are wanting the same first choice, a lottery will be conducted to fill the twelve slots. Students who do not get their first choice will then be placed in their second choice as long as that restaurant is not also filled. 

Deluca's (American/Diner)
Peppis (Hoagies)
Chicken Latino (Peruvian)
Primanti Bros (Sandwiches)
Bella Notte (Pizza)
Sunseris (Pizza/Italian)
Kelly O's (American/Diner)
Sushi Kim (Sushi/Korean)
Wholey's (Sandwiches)
Pamela's (Breakfast)
Casa Reyna (Mexican)

Form will be available starting Thursday morning!