Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Great Plankton Race & Properties of Matter Unit

A new unit has started in science class with The Great Plankton Race as our opening activity. Competition brackets, pictures and information can be found on the science class website

The new unit is on the  properties of matter and begins our study of chemistry. This unit is also exploring the "gamification" of the science classroom. Students will have opportunities for enrichment or review as needed. Students can earn digital badges for completing certain activities. Also, extra credit is earned by getting stars and leveling up. Each new level increases the amount of extra credit to be applied to the final unit grade. Read more on the science website.  Students are always encouraged to check the classroom timeline when they are absent to review missed science class content.  

On Edline, starting Monday, 2/13/17, a new report called "Unit G Progress" will appear with the results of quizzes. At the end of the unit, the accumulated star points will be added to the report.