Tuesday, December 13, 2016

AHS Video PSA Contest --- Help them win!

From the office:

Two groups of Avonworth High School students have entered into a video PSA contest with the FBI.  Both video links can be found on the webpage below (right at the top of the list):

We are asking for YOUR help with increasing the total VOTE COUNT!  The students of these videos have been asking their HS peers to go online and vote, but many of the students choose not to do it even thought it takes just a second.  One of the Avonworth videos is currently in 2nd place in popular vote - but unfortunately that is still 200 votes behind the first place video.  So we wanted to ask for your help at the MS level to increase the vote count for these Avonworth videos (given your success with making that possible).

Here is what each MS student needs to do:
  • Login to their student google account
  • Bring up each video link and LIKE the video in YouTube by clicking on the thumbs up below the video

Each person is only allowed to vote ONCE since each google account gets only ONE vote… that is why we need as many people (with a  google account) to vote as possible to close this gap of 200 votes between the Avonworth video and the other one in the contest.  VOTING ENDS NEXT WEEK!