Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Novel Look at Film

A Novel Look at Film

Please ask your child for the following letter that was sent home yesterday.  

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Eighth grade students just finished reading and studying the award-winning novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  Since it was first published in 1967, it has remained a popular book among teenagers here at Avonworth.

We will conclude the novel unit by watching the PG-13 movie, The Outsiders: The Complete Novel on Monday, October 31.  The Francis Ford Coppola movie was rereleased in 2005 and captures the spirit of the young adult characters and themes prevalent in the novel.   The author S.E. Hinton helped direct the movie and even played a small part in it. 

Students will learn how to critically watch the film and reflect on key elements of the novel as they complete their “Movie to Film Analysis” online discussion in school.   After comparing and contrasting the movie’s character development, conflicts and themes to those within the novel, students will write and discuss their own reviews of the movie. 

If you do not want your student to watch the movie, please return the form below by Wednesday, October 26.  An alternative activity will be provided for students who will not watch the movie.  No action is needed if you approve of The Outsiders movie activity.

Thank you and stay gold!

Mrs. Galecki
8th Grade Reading Teacher

If you DO NOT want your student to watch the PG-13 movie, PLEASE COMPLETE, SIGN AND RETURN this form by Wednesday, October 26. You can also email your request to me at  Thank you!

  Student Name (please print)                                   

          My child does not have my permission to watch the rated PG-13 movie The Outsiders: The Complete Novel on Monday, October 31.  I would prefer that my child participate in an alternative activity.

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