Thursday, March 10, 2016

Science Layered Curriculum Ends Next Week!

Next Wednesday, students will be finishing the layered curriculum on atoms and elements. Progress has been tracked in the students' project folders. The current checkpoint, 58 points, was posted to Edline today. Below you can see some of the activities the students have completed!

Electron Clouds. Students learned about the energy levels in which electrons can be held. So, one activity had students draw two electron configurations using the Borh Model. 

Periodic Wall. Students had researched facts about particular elements and added their research to an interactive periodic table in the science lab. 

Strange Symbols. Why is sodium atomic symbol "Na?" Where did scientists get the symbol "W" for Tungsten? Students researched the origins of atomic symbols that didn't match their modern English names. 

Element Circle Graphs. Students can also examined the elemental composition of common substances using pie charts. 

Word Wall. Students created a vocabulary splash using sheets of paper. The definitions have been useful throughout the learning unit.