Thursday, October 1, 2015

Civics Classes Review the Republican Debate

Photo courtesy of Mr. Hall
 from Twitter (@mhall_AMS)
Last week in Civics, students watched clips from the most recent Republican Presidential Candidate Debate on their Chromebooks.  

After watching, students responded to a question that was posted on the message board in Google Classroom asking them which candidate was their favorite and which one seemed "most presidential".  

Students also posted questions they would like to ask the candidate in the online message board.

Examples of student posts to message board from the Period D class:

"I think that Carly Fiorina seems the most presidential because she uses statistics and facts rather than her own opinions to support her argument."

 "What did Donald Trump do politically in the past few years?"

"What does Senator Paul mean by the constitution restrains the government, not the people?"

"I agree that they need to stop arguing with each other and start telling us about their plans for our country."