Monday, June 1, 2015

The Results are In! Bridges to STEM Careers Project

8th grade students tested their bridges Friday, May 29 during the Bridge Exposition, part of the Bridges to STEM Careers project. Thirty bridges were tested by adding weight to each of the spans until collapse. Students and parents are welcome to check out the final ranking on the winning bridges webpage!

A special thanks to our guest experts, bridge engineers and architects from the Pittsburgh region. Representatives from HDR, Inc., Michael Baker Corp., and Penn Dot District 11 used their insight and expertise to help enrich this learning activity. Bridge designs can be seen on the classroom website through the  gallery page.

Cassie Lloyd from Penn Dot District 11 with Ryan Felter as his team's bridge has increasing amounts of weight added to the structure. 

Allen Peng from Penn Dot District 11 with Dennis Manko and Mr. Haskins testing a bridge. 

The bridge pictured above held the most weight. It is form team AB and held 120 N or 28 pounds of weight. 

Another bridge being tested! 

A leader board was on display in the library during the event so students could see how their bridge compared to others in the class. 

Storing thirty bridges in Lab 110 is no easy feat! Here are all of the models prior to the Exposition!