Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Holocaust Survivor Visits AMS 8

On Wednesday, students heard the life story of Sam Weinreb. He is a holocaust survivor who escaped Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland in 1944. He explained how he became the only survivor from his immediate family due to the persecution of Jews in Eastern Europe. At the time of German occupation of his native Czechoslovakia, Mr. Weinreb was the same age or younger than the 8th grade students in the audience.

Avonworth Middle School was Mr. Weinreb's last Pittsburgh speaking engagement as he moves to Boston to live with his daughter. This activity was part of the various events held to help connect Grade 8 students to World War II and the Diary of Anne Frank which is being read in reading class. Special thanks to Mr. Weinreb, JFilm, Mr. Smith, and Mrs.Galecki for organizing the assembly for our 8th grade students.