Monday, January 12, 2015

Calendar Update!

Thursday, January 15
 [English] Poetry Project presentations begin
 [Reading] Due Fri: Frederick Douglass finish Ch 2 and #4-5
 [Social Studies] Adventures of Captain Bill
 [Event] BAAHA 8th Grade Civics Accelerated Topics

Friday, January 16
 [sci] Simple Circuits Lab (E1) due
 [sci] notebooks to be collected
 [Reading] Due: Frederick Douglass finish Ch 2 and #4-5
 [Social Studies] Read "One Man Lost" article and 6 questions DUE
 [Event] Pancake Breakfast

Monday, January 19
 No school for students - ACT 80

Tuesday, January 20
 [Event] Junior Achievement

Wednesday, January 21
 2nd nine-weeks report cards
 [Event] Advisory
 [Event] Assembly: Finding Galileo (period I)

Thursday, January 29
 [Social Studies] Chapter 6 Bill of Rights TEST

Friday, January 30
 [Social Studies] Guest Speaker - Officer Simcoviak, Ohio Twp Police

Tuesday, February 3
 [Reading] AR Midterm Progress Check - February 3