Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Students out of class / getting caught up

With the holidays and cold/flu season upon us, many students will be out of class and miss work in the next few weeks. Please note that science assignments are available on and that English and Reading assignments can be accessed through the Google Classroom (which is available through If you have any questions about posted assignments, feel free to contact teachers as needed. 

8th grade Homework calendar

Please remind your students that they should access the 8th grade Homework calendar to find out what assignments they missed.  We appreciate your support at home as we help our students develop the self-direction habits they need to complete their missing assignments.  Thank you!

8TH GRADE TEAM COntact InFormation
Mrs. Abate; learning support teacher
Mrs. Crothers; mathematics teacher
Mr. Haskins; science teacher
Mrs. Galecki; reading teacher
Mrs. Hickman; English teacher

Mr. Smith; social studies teacher