Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bridge Design Day

 Today students in the 8th grade received expert advice on their bridge building projects from engineers who specialize in bridge construction, design, and inspection. Avonworth Middle School welcomed engineers from the Michael Baker Corporation, HRD in Pittsburgh, Nuverra, Trumbull Corp. and PennDot District 11. Students are working on a project in science class that requires them to design a replacement bridge for the one currently labeled deficient on Center Avenue, Emsworth. Students will build their structures out of plastic drinking straws, hot glue, and fishing line. Progress on the project can be viewed on our webpage,


Nick Cervo from HDR, Inc. discussing bridge plans with a group of students.

Students working on their bridge design during the engineers' visit today!

Greg Cerminera from Michael Baker Corp discussing the role of engineers with students.

Monica O'Neal from HDR, Inc. working with a group of students.

Gina Russell of Penn DOT working with a group of students.

Bob and Russ Huffmyer presenting in Mr. Haskins' lab.