Thursday, February 13, 2014

Layered curriculum brings the power of choice to science class

A layered curriculum is a way to allow choice and differentiation in the classroom.  Students can choose activities from a menu of assignments. Assignments can be modified to increase rigor or help a student struggling with the content. The daily “mini-lessons” teach specific topics and skills. The lessons range from ten to fifteen minutes which offers students ample time in class to conduct lab activities, complete worksheet activities, or plan a project. Students should choose assignments that interest them. They should also turn in activities on a regular basis.

Many resources for the layered curriculum are available on the internet.  Students will have a choice of assignments from a menu of activities. Students are to start with “Level C – Basic Knowledge” assignments and move to “Level B – Advanced Practice” and then on to “Level A – Assessment” assignments. Each class period starts with a mini-lesson and concludes with time to work on layered activities.

Scores for the layered curriculum will be tracked by the students in their layered curriculum activity guides (folder created in class). Copies are available from the internet.

Some assignments have specific due dates. There is a special layered curriculum calendar on the menu of assignments.  The online tutorials and assignments require a computer with internet access. All Unit F layered curriculum assignments are due by Friday, 3/7/14.