Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Math News

Would you rather earn $25,000 for an entire month or earn $1 the first day of a month, doubling it each day for a 30 day month?  Many students would take the first offer, but in our next unit in Integrated Math I, we are learning about exponential relationships, where a quantity grows larger or smaller at an increasing rate rather than a constant rate.  Exponential relationships are often encountered in such fields as business and biology. 

In Math 8 we are focusing on one of the oldest and most important relationships in all of mathematics, the Pythagorean Theorem.  Students will use this relationship to compute distances between points on maps and coordinate grids.  After this unit, we will continue our work with triangles and other shapes, extending our geometric thinking. 

In order to help your child, ask for an explanation of the ideas presented in the text.  Discuss how what they are learning in math is applied by people in some careers, such as carpenters, architects, and pilots.  Finally, encourage your child’s efforts in completing all homework assignments.  Look over homework, making sure that all questions are answered and explanations are clear.  Thank you for your assistance in making this a successful year.