Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Changes to grading period calendar

As of Monday, 1/6/14 from the middle school office:

Because of the delays and Tues. cancellation, the marking period will now end January 17, as opposed to January 15.  The marking period calendar for this quarter will be adjusted as below:

January 17           Last day of 2nd marking period
January 20           Act 80 Day
January 24           Grades posted to Edline
Midterm Information for 8th Grade:  

High School midterms will be administered January 13-15.
Core subject midterms will be administered January 13-14.  Makeups will be held on January 15 (if needed January 16-17).
Elective midterms, including languages, to be administered between January 15-17 during their regularly scheduled classes.