Thursday, November 7, 2013

Electric Usage Audit project to bring energy conservation home!

Next week students will be coming home asking for help from their parents and guardians as they complete an electric usage audit. In science, students will  be learning about electricity and how it impacts our lives. As adults paying the bills, we know the impact of wasted electricity on the budget. This project aims to help students understand electric utilities and how some simple changes could lower the power bill! Students will be introduced to the project on Tuesday, 11/12/13. There are many resources students will need to access from the class website, Students will be asked to research various facts about commercial electricity, collect data from their homes, and analyze how to save power resources. Also, there are plenty of helpful hints and explanations on the website to assist students as they put together their portfolios. The choices and habits students make today could have a great impact on the environment and the pocketbook!

Audit (download the organizer)