Thursday, October 10, 2013

Science layered curriculum

A layered curriculum is a unit of study designed to allow students to choose activities from a bank of possible activities. The daily mini-lessons teach specific topics and skills. The layered curriculum’s assignment sheet, a menu of possible tasks, indicates all of the offered activities and their value. Most of the assignments are available on the class website,

Only a single grade will be on Edline reports for each category such as “C1, C2, etc.” The weight will be as indicated on the assignment sheet.

When your child has completed an assignment, the teacher will sign the assignment sheet (menu) in the science notebook. All graded work should be glued, taped or stapled into science notebook on a left hand page after it has been graded. Here are some helpful websites to guide you through the layered curriculum:

What is a layered curriculum? 
Assignment and Assessment Choices
Tutorials and Videos