Thursday, October 24, 2013

Science layered curriculum continues...

The layered curriculum continues through the first two weeks of November. Students must complete 12 points worth of assignments this week (C3) and one assessment (C4). Most of these assignments and assessments can be completed through the internet:

C3           Week 2 Assignments: Work & Machines
Choose from these assignments. You can only earn up to 12 points.
C3.4 Using Pulleys Lab 8 pts [I] in lab only - Students must complete the "pre-lab" before doing this activity including watching this video.
C4           Week 2 Assessment: Work and Machines
Complete an assessment for week one. Weighted 25 pts Complete only one.
Weighted 25 pts Complete only one.
C4.2 Levers Performance Task  10 pts [I] in lab only To do this performance task, students must understand ideal machines.